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75 (Even More) Brilliant Advertisements [High Quality Photos] | The Roosevelts

Optical illusion in advertising. Billboard ad for a Berger paint company, pitching “Natural Finish Colours”.


Ogilvy & Mather France took the concept of the billboard and bent it into shapes that could – with some effort – be seen as solutions for a somewhat smarter city, Paris in this case. A board bends to become a bench, a rain shelter or a ramp over stairs.

Sky swing

Double Happiness

Billboard converted to a swing set. "Paris-based architect Didier Faustino made this cool swing set out of a converted advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.

Geniaal. "If you hate waiting, raise your hand." - NYC Taxi

Best ad ever. Taxi ad in a bus stop! So clever! Someone's marketing department is ads commercial commercial ads ads ads

McDonalds: Cuando tenemos una marca muy potente y recordada hay veces que incluso podemos permitirnos no poner el logo.

I found this ad to be very clever due to its unique way of showing that McDonalds is open at night with the spotlights that are shining the light to light up the display create the famous golden arches.

i like how it shows that you can take your gaming out of your house.

Sony PSP Billboards 3 - I like this idea. The brand is invisible from a distance.

Chewing gum advertising

Big Babol Gum Advertisement: This creative advertising campaign was the golden award winner - Lynx Awards in So creative, would be great if people could go over and pop them.

Creative Billboard Advertising Designs

Creative Billboard Advertising Designs

Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising. Large and prominently placed, ad agencies are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to

ad by Avi_Abrams, via Flickr

Creative advertising

Here, we have put together a list of some creative and extremely clever billboard ads for your inspiration. There are many billboards that get our attention but majority of them are not great enough to keep them remembered. [mainimage] A billboard shoul

Best Billboard ads ever

Best Billboard Ads Ever

transports en commun de la ville de Perth

The Australian Public Transport Authority got tired of people spray-painting graffiti on their buses and trains, so they targeted the ‘graffidiots’ with this ad campaign that reminds would-be vandals what the consequences of their actions could be.