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Scary Decor for a Haunted Halloween Yard!

Scary Decor Ideas for a Haunted Halloween Yard!!! If you would like to be the haunted house on the street look no further! There are so many cool and creepy Halloween decorations out there that you are sure to find just what you need to keep all the goblins away... or in!

Halloween Tape Ghosts

Make creepy Halloween tape ghosts for decorations! Just plastic wrap your model and tape around it. Cut it in half and tape it back together.

this would be fun to do with srcatch art and do as a group project to construct one house - each student doing a different floor

DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame

Cool Halloween décor. Buy styrofoam mannequin head from Value Village. Glue on cheesecloth and paint if needed. wonder if plastic doll head would work, also stuffed glove hand coming out of frame

About 5 of these in the woods between the bone yard and the coop. Chicken wire over PVC, then drape with canvas and/or burlap? Spook Group Costume for Haunted House

A rather spooky looking, but beautiful, old victorian house in Sonora, California. The deep red makes it look very imposing. Very cool, I think!