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"hello im luke. im a guard for the badlands and im 19. i just recently got this job. i love to drink beer." i shrug

Whether it is a friend's betrayal, a broken relationship, family problems, etc. We all go through pain and hurt in our lives that leave us asking, "Why God?" We may not know why these things are happening, but we can rest assured that God knows why. Rather than praying, "God I don't want to go through this," lets pray, "God, I don't know what you're doing, but your will be done."

I have no idea what Namine is doing with Lingering Will, but it's cute <3

Outer Space - 5 Seconds of Summer. Probably my favor song off the album next to Castaway, Broken Home, and Invisible.

Nothing ever gets resolved or ends well by reacting to a situation. Take a step back, remove all personal emotion and look at it objectively. The solution will be much clearer.

Love This pic...Prince #prince #printablexpressions

They always leave without saying goodbye - then u just left to be part of the circus

‘Jyn, shake out of it!’ ‘You!… don’t!… undarstand!‘ ‘Please stop that! Before you got hurt! You can’t just jump into the fight like this!’ ‘Watch me, Cassian!’ ‘You gonna hurt yourself! I won’t let you!’ ‘Let me go!’ ‘No if you keep acting like this....