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One way to make love stay.

New year, fresh start... One of my ongoing intentions is to step out of the darkness and into the light. So, I figured I'd do that with my words too, switching from black to white for a bit. 😊 (This is part of an article I wrote for @rebellesociety called 'Healing words for a heavy heart)

Friendly reminder. (Speaking of reminders, have you signed up for the upcoming 30 Days of Writing course yet?! There are only two more days left to sign up for this month-long adventure with loads of creative troublemakers to jumpstart your creativity and kickstart your expressive heart! The link is in my bio and if you enter JEREMY at checkout you'll get a delicious discount!)

Part of a new article I'm writing about our inherent need for adventure. (I wrote this today after a breakfast of tea and potato chips. Just an FYI. #brainfuel)

For the record... (Have you signed up for the 30 days of writing party I talked about in my last post? REMINDER: The incredible early bird discount ends tomorrow, and if you use the link in my bio and JEREMY as a coupon code, you'll save another $25 (which is enough for a burrito dinner for two, just saying...) Sign up now and jumpstart your creative life with us!😃)

This is one of the closing lines of a TEDx talk I gave last year called "What if kindness was cool?" If you want to learn more about me and my mission, you can find the talk on YouTube. 😊👌🏼❤️💣

A two sentence tragedy about relationships... (Friends! I am going to be in Byron Bay from September 1-15! Do you know anyone there? Can you connect me with some friends to hang with while I am there? Maybe recommend somewhere to see or something to do? Any and all ideas or connections are appreciated!)

Motto. (I'm in Byron Bay for the next two weeks. If anyone wants to connect or climb a mountain or drink tea or watch the sunset or swap stories, or you know someone who does, let me know!)