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Prunus Snowfountains early April blooms. 2016.

Purple Leaf Plum Hedge, thick-growing, long-lived hedge also known as Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Bright red 3 inch leaves in spring and blushing, white flowers in mid-late spring. In autumn, purple-black berries and the foliage turns a magnificent reddish purple. An ornamental hedge that is especially valued for its hardiness and unique coloring, it's an asset to the landscape and a standout specimen shrub. Grows 6-8 feet tall. Plant 2-3 feet apart. We send 1-2' plants. Drought resistant.

Purple Leaf Flowering Plum Shrub...had one of these in the front yard of the first house I purchased...was so beautiful and smelled like CANDY when it bloomed ;)

Dwarf Peach Tree, One of the top 5 Low Maintenance Fruit Trees for Urban Backyards. For more on dwarf fruit trees visit

Purple leaf sand cherry. Another easy to grow hardy shrub. Lovely flower show in spring, great deep purple leaves all the rest of the time. Grows quickly and responds well to pruning. I've had a bit of trouble with insects on the leaves but they were easily treated and the shrub pulled through nicely.

Purple Leaf Plum Tree. In the spring it has beautiful pink blossoms. In the fall it's bright orange and during the summer months it's (you guessed it!) purple.