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5 Squadron RAF’s K1260 and K1309 Westland Wapitis up from Quetta display their black ID bands and individual aircraft ID. Both were from a batch of Mk IIAs 1254-1309 (56) that were built primarily for service in India. Both machines were handed over to the fledgling IAF and K1260 can be seen in the picture below. Uniquely to RAF squadrons, the upper fuselage decking of 5 Squadron RAF aircraft was red in colour.

Westland Wapitis - 1934 - Wapitis over Army camp

The Westland Wapiti had the distinction of being the first aircraft type to be put into production in South Africa. 27 were built here under licence. First flight 1927

The Westland Wapiti was a British two-seat general purpose military single-engined biplane of the 1920s. It was designed and built by Westland Aircraft Works to replace the Airco DH.9A in Royal Air Force service. First flying in 1927, the Wapiti entered service with the RAF in 1928, and remained in production until 1932, a total of 565 being built. It equipped twenty squadrons of the RAF, both overseas (particularly in India and Iraq) and at home, remaining in RAF service until 1940