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    Great strategy for keeping dice under control and not all over the floor during games. -Good Idea for when I'm babysitting But they would probably just throw the box across the room!!

    • Classroom Management

      Sydney Schafer 11/16/15 - This idea is a great way to manage small group math centers that involve dice. This idea limits noise in the classroom and prevents students from throwing the dice all over the room, losing dice or dropping them on the floor!

    • Mary Lou Nichols

      The Crafty Blog Stalker: Why Didn't I Think Of That? 24 Useful Tips. Great ideas for the classroom! Love the one pictured. I'm sure we will all use dice games. This is a great way too make sure they don't get lost, taken, or put in mouths! Although several of the tips are geared towards preschool and primary elementary grades, they can really be used in any grade.

    • Sara Liane

      What a great idea so the kids don't chase the dice all over the classroom...better for classroom management!

    • Kelly Bellamy

      Genius. No more dice rolling on the floor or across the room or just lost in general. Do this for math games.

    • Lynda Heaps

      Math Center organization. Shake the dice IN the box and peek through. No more flying dice Around the classroom!

    • Lizél Gouws

      Dice - great idea! I hate it when the kids dice go flying all over the classroom floor and turns into a game!

    • Kim Norwood

      Great math idea, could use small cubes and draw dots for lower numbers for younger kids.

    • Laura Ricks

      Prohibits roll away dice. GREAT for the classroom with math games!

    • Tara Ritchie

      Stops dice rolling all over the classroom. Great idea!

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