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girls rock gPants, for use with gDiapers disposable inserts or reusable cloth inserts. - gDiapers

gDiapers - gift of love gPants --so stinkin' cute!!

good natured gPants, for use with gDiapers disposable inserts or reusable cloth inserts. - gDiapers

gDiapers, gPants, Gift of love gPant, reusable diaper covers, cloth diapers, Valentine cloth diaper covers, Valentine's Day cloth diapers, h...

Great article on gDiapers and one mom's system. She used to be a nanny...I'd take her word on it!

  • Sarah Mudder

    Kelley Tegen

  • Baby Bum Brush

    I would also recommend a Baby Bum Brush™ diaper ointment applicator. We guarantee better coverage for better protection by applying cream smoother, thicker, and faster! Say goodbye to diaper cream under your fingernails :)

Sustainability: gDiapers: A compromise in the cloth vs. disposable debate--reusable cotton diaper covers with biodegradable inserts that can be flushed, composted or trashed. Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapering System, 3 Diapers plus 6 Inserts, Peony Blossom, One-Size: Baby. Want!

Cloth Diapering 101- Though I love different diapers for different situations... Prefolds during the day, Pockets/AIOs or fitteds for overnights and child care.

  • bailey

    LOVE my cloth diapers!

  • Jessica Rupp

    I disagree that prefolds are bulky. Pockets and all in ones are the bulkiest I've ever seen whereas with prefolds you can fold them to the size desired, much less butt bulk.

  • J S

    I agree with Jessica. Flats not mentioned above and prefolds are really quick to hang dry vrs the others.

The stylish, nontoxic baby and home products from The Honest Company are at Target! Find diapers, wipes, creams and gentle, effective cleaners.

  • ivette garcia

    omg! when? i have not seen them at our local targets. :O can't wait!

  • Target

    Hi, ivette garcia and Kristi H.. Glad you're excited for The Honest Company at Target. It launched in early June, so check it out at your local store!

  • ivette garcia

    thank you target! you excel in customer satisfaction. it really speaks volumes of your company. thank you. :)

  • Katice Ramirez

    I loved the diapers and still use the body wash/shampoo for my girls.

  • Melissa Nance

    I loved the designs but they are not very good for leaks

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Cloth diapering tips and tricks: the how and why to use cloth diapers, including great money-saving tips!