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Real Women


  • Traci Tuma

    Introducing "real women," our favorite way to body hate. This quote challenges the belief that many others pins instill as inspiration. The term "real women" is often used to define what is right and who is beautiful. Similarly, it often defines a type of "real men" that want those women. Truth be told, body size does not make an individual more or less real. It doesn't make anyone less of a human being. And it certainly doesn't define who is worthy of being loved.

  • Clarissa TheBright

    #realwoman #hanneblank

  • Hot Legs Usa

    "Real women" - #preach #realwomen

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One of my favorite sayings! Remember this when getting too involved in other people's problems. Check.

Talk to the elders while you can. The words are from writer Amadou Hampate Ba. The photo subject is Ethiopian.

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Words to live by ..., should print this off and put it on the wall for the kids, so when we aren't being nice we point at it. ooo maybe in a time out corner ?

I never look back darling!

God Donkey!!!!

Advise, quotes, verses, prose, poems, and more that reveal truth for life.


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I guess that makes ME and YOU real women!

I'm totally having Fifty Shades of missing Christian and Anastasia! I can't go on...

drop it


I am who I am.

Art is not a crime!


Do it.