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Campaña para gel xtreme

Campaña para gel xtreme

Apple to ditch Google Maps for its own Maps app. Has a lot of potential for integration with information such as Yelp

Apple acquired mind-blowing mapping company Technologies, looking to take iOS Maps to the next level

Intriguing way to use a QR code, to get people interested and not just walk past. I don't believe the statistic that 1 in 5 people scan QR codes, maybe if they were more like this they would!

Shadow-Activated QR Code Actually Useful and Cool

Emart Sunny Sale Campaign - Shadow QR Code Interesting QR code campaign which is created by a sculpture between each day.


Barneys Holiday Window Provides Lady Gaga Fans with an Interactive Constellation Experience

strong bow gold cider smart cup

Strongbow Gold is a fresher start to a more original night, and StartCap is our product innovation that proves it. The RFID bottle top that can trigger anything and start the night…

Bit Planner

21 Ways To Upcycle Your Lego

The Bit Planner is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio. It’s currently made entirely of Lego bricks, but if you take a photo of it…

Robot hiper-realista

Robot hiper-realista