Chris James

That one wave

s e a l i f e, wow....amazing

Amazing Moment #2. I'd call it #1.

If this is not a computer generated photo..what is this guy thinking..if he's thinking at all? R Massive Wave, Brazil*-*.

Golden waves

Sam Walklate Photography

Angelic Golden Waves. This is for You Jerrie. Simply gaze and the restoration of Unity, you received from your Higher Being will slowly come back to You, the Earth Self. Jerrie and I went for a visit in the Sacred Water's of her Higher Being. The moments they shared were the memories of a time when One knew One could never not be Well, Youthful, and how to open the Mind/body mirror to this Veiled Truth. This was shared gently between Jerrie and her Higher Being. I felt the Love of All of Us.<3



Crashing waves flowing in the sunlight / Murray


A building wave.

The sparkling sea...

nice #Sea #Waves

tidal wave ...

Shore break

water baby

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

beautiful shot!