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Kiara by Verona No, No and No........... Gary likes an all white horse, yes, okay, MAYBE when they're grown....... but an all white foal is just not very attractive.

A white Standardbred colt was born to two solid (unmarked) bay horses, believed to be a previously undiscovered white mutation. (He's not albino.)

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Little Whispers Lesley Harrison Western Horses Children Girls Print Poster

future cowboy ~ so cuteBrought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples

A splash white Miniature Horse. Splashed white has been described as a white horse when someone has poured dark paint on it from above. That description is excellent.

This splash paint colt is a purebred Morgan despite what his markings might allude to, both of his registered Morgan parents are solid bay with white socks and blazes. More pics of this colt:

Hire a white pony with a flowing mane for the photo shoot and children's rides at the reception