Stop leaving, and you will arrive. Stop searching, and you will see. Stop running away, and you will be found. ~Lao Tzu♥ ...i thought this was very interesting thought.


Natural hearts - Love this!

Trail's End by Aimee Stewart

...a heart formation...♥

Yep, pretty much...

Overflowing Heart

"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart."

A heart-shaped meadow, created by a farmer as a tribute to his late wife, can be seen from the air near Wickwar, South Gloucestershire. The point of the heart points towards Wotton Hill, where his wife was born.

Another Pinner said "Corvallis, OR the Heart of the Valley. Marys Peak in the background. Love is in the air." My awesome hometown. Oregon"

Tree Love

Heart-shaped hole in a tree

Love ✿⊱╮ Just imagine...

Could not agree more.


Heart in Voh, New Caledonia - France in the Pacific Ocean

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