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  • Ashley Dyche

    An extraordinarily small percentage of the population will appreciate this. #DoctorWho #Torchwood #Firefly #CaptainJackHarkness #CaptainMal

  • Joel Daniel

    Captain Jack Harkness and Captain Malcom Renolds. my heroes -JD

  • Kristen Draper

    Jack is awesome, but Captain Mal is even better :)

  • Kathy Cook

    Oh Captain, my Captain!

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Malcolm Reynolds Minimalist Poster "Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back."

Firefly, Doctor Who, and Torchwood; I don't think just anyone can pull it off.

I saw this castle episode and died laughing. I replayed it because I loved it so much. If you ever watch his series castle, he actually gets a few good jabs in about firefly and what's even cooler, some of the firefly cast make guest appearances. "That Joss Whedon show."

Honestly, there may be tears.

...Im on a pinning binge at 1 in the morning....this is the extent of my social life.... god I need

I aim to misbehave! ♥ my Captain Tighpants! #Firefly

Capt Mal & his gun _ Nathan Fillion _= MY Crush

awesome moment when you realize that nathan is playing hermes the god of thieves in the sea of monsters, and you think he would play that part perfectly.

Nathan Fillion and John Barrowman at San Diego Comic Con. SEXY!!!!!

OH, Jack... (Ever notice how it's always JACKS that give you trouble? Jack Sparrow, Jack Harkness, Skellington Jack....)