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Explore Utilizing Todays, Todays Tuscan, and more!

Learn how YOU can decorate any room in your home Tuscan style, any budget. Find out the secrets to creating a genuine Tuscan ambiance utilizing todays Tuscan home design techniques.

Trusting that your home, family and belongings are protected is the key to having peace of mind when you’re away. By following these tips for home security you can go to work or on vacation knowing you’ve taken the appropriate measures to avoid a break-in or theft. These are simple and effective steps you can take today to ensure your home is protected all year-round. From utilizing shrubbery as a barrier to installing motion-sensor lights, there are many tools available to assist you in…

Amazon Kindle Free Books Archives

This is a homeschool blog but i love it because almost every day she posts a list of anywhere from 10-25 FREE kindle books ranging across all topics. Almost always something for me or the kids! Today (2/3) I downloaded a kids yoga guide, a loose tooth book and a Nat Geo book about leopards and jaguars (14 Kindle Freebies: Inspiration to Pay Off Debt, Junior Entrepreneur Guide, Leopards & Jaguars, + More)

11 Fantastic Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas

We are overhauling a lot of rooms in our home in effort to have things be more organized and tidy looking. One room in particular that I’ve been searching ideas for is our tiny master bathroom (actually all our bathrooms are small)! There’s not a lot of room and not a lot of storage. So I’ve been looking on Pinterest for some small bathroom organizing ideas and thought I’d share a few with you today. Here are some great ideas to help you maximize storage in your bathroom! I’m pretty sure…