FrizzyHaired — Thisssss

I laughed like an idiot at this.this is going to be me. Daughter "the curly haired one is hot! Don't you think he's hot?" Harry: "my own wife better think I'm hot" lol

Ok this makes me so mad kids bop can say the exact works in dynamite witch are something like rock this club go all night and they don't change that part but they can't say untill we see the sun? Kids bop makes me so mad!!!!! Comment what you think of it

They did story of my life and instead of drive all night it says I'm by her side.I guess you guys can't drive yet so hahaha>>>I really hate Kidz Bop. They ruin every song.

Yeah the band member is Joey. From anthem lights

Not necessarily a band member though. Usually my actual crush or a fictional character like Mr. But more pink less purple