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Lumanite X Novel - Duma Jax; an ally of Lumanite X in the Novel...

Lumanite X Images - Venomeous - Lumanite X's mortal enemy in the 7 crystals Novel!

Lumanite X Images - DOWNLOAD Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Suspense Mystery, Mythology, Romance & Religious Fiction "Lumanite X" Amazing Discovery made by Joseph Crosby in Los Angeles, California! X"

Lumanite X Images - Lumanite X - Reckless Fiction Novel for the whole family to enjoy!

Lumanite X Images - Futuristic Christian Fiction: Lumanite X - episode 1 - The 7 Crystals... Lumanite X... Up in the Sky!

The warrior of light; Lumanite X roaming around the city of Metromantis

Science Fiction Fantasy Thriller & Comic Book Super Hero: Lumanite X - episode 2 - Mastering The Spirit Force...

Lumanite X with Sandovian Army fighting Venomeous and the Dynamite X Empire... Also Arch Angel; Veno, before he became known as Venomeous.