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The Wicked Come is a collection of dark & sizzling poetry from the poet P.J.Reed. The collection explores the darker side of humanity: what happens when people love too much, the doctor with interesting hobbies, the unnatural gardener and other creatures.

The Black Rose of Winter is a poetic voyage through the turbulent storms of heartbreak and beyond. These poems show how in the search for love we are all the same, all searching for that special person to share our existence. The poems in this anthology contain a maelstrom of emotions. They will make you laugh, cry and experience all the raw emotions of love gone wrong. However, they will also give you hope and belief in the quest for love.

Poems From The Witching Hour, is a result of a year long search for the most exciting and scary modern day poems. This volume is a collection of verse by a group of poets wrestling against the creatures from the supernatural. It introduces us to an imaginative, dark, anarchic realm where anything is possible... where real life crashes into the imaginary creatures of the night. Meet the hungry vampire, the hookman waiting in the shadows and many more extraordinary creature.

The Jetsam by Lara Biyuts,

The Dome by Lara Biyuts,