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Simplifying The Emotion Code {plus why it's imperative to your health!}

What is The Emotion Code? This short video explains energy medicine, trapped emotions, and why releasing stress is critical to your health. .. We specialise in successful stress reduction or removal .. #therapyonline

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Recommended reading for Level Three of the Living Energy Wholistic Nutrition Course (visit for more info).

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Determining dosages for herbs can feel overwhelming and tricky, especially when you’re new to herbs and you want to keep things simple. However, finding and taking the right dosage of herbs is important if you want herbs to work. Today, I want to try to uncomplicate this matter by teaching you about determining herbal dosages… …

Chinese medicine, daily biorhythms and organs (Acupuncture and how you can use the points to help your day)

When the body is out of balance illness sets in. Learn how to give your body what it needs to heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Jonathan Prousky, Andrew W. Saul (Editor),Paperback, English-language edition, Pub by Basic Health Publications, Incorporated $14.95

7 Natural Ways To Energize

Tap Your Thymus: triggers the production of T-cells, increases energy, relieves stress, boots your immune system, and more.