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That's very true..... Never thought of that before... No last name exists is a woman's. They're all men's names, given to you by SOME man in the past. Weird.

Making money for Big Oil and other corporations is apparently more important than the people this country was supposed to exist to protect.

NASA has published an exciting photograph of the Supermoon, taken at Baikonur cosmodrome It is worth noting that the scientific term "Supermoon" does not actually exist, but the so-called full moon that occurs during the perigee - the point at which the moon is closest to the Earth, moving along its elliptical orbit.On Tuesday night Earth satellite was closer to our planet at a distance of 348 400 kilometers, which is 35 thousand kilometers closer than usual

Right or wrong doesn't exist in the world of interior decorating! So throw out those rules and take a look at our 4 stylish tips you can experiment with to give your place a real edge.

Have Parallel Worlds Existed Forever? The 20th century was loaded with experiments and discoveries that I sometimes forget how big of an impact things like quantum theory really had on our lives. Bold new thought experiments and suggestions have been made that seemingly left us wondering what our universe might be made of after all. After laying the groundwork for all subsequent studies in the early years, quantum theory was pushed evermore. One of the truly bizarre ef...

I keep telling myself it's really only 1/4 of the country since half of our "citizens" didn't even bother to vote.

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