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    Mothers of the stripling warriors

    4y Saved to My Faith
    • Cindy Williams

      A Mother of a Stripling Warrior. She taught her son so well that it saved his life because of her faith.

    • BroSimonSays {}

      #BOMTC Day 55, May 31~Alma 56-58 or Pages 350-356: Modern-day Stripling Warriors Regardless of their age or stature, there is much that can be learned from the faith of these fine young men that is relevant to our lives today. READ MORE:

    • Cherise Oleson

      Mothers of the stripling warriors - love this visual ... more powerful to me than words alone.

    • Lindsey Beames

      Who is your hero? Mothers of the Stripling Warriors. We do not doubt our mothers knew it.

    • Scott Tarbet

      Two Thousand Stripling Warriors | The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

    • D.A. Beck

      May | 2013 | The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

    • Sarah Holverson

      Who is your hero? A mother of the stripling warriors

    • Stacy McLaws

      scripture hero: mother of the stripling warriors.

    • Annie Felix

      And they doubted not their mothers knew it.

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    The cure for hard days as a mom, "Because She Is a Mother" - Jeffrey R. Holland - April 1997 I'm not LDS or even care who is or isn't...this isn't at all the type of thing i normally post, but I saw this and cried mom tears so if you want to watch and listen to a nice ya go. It's about 15 min though, so settle in...and get a Kleenex if you're a mom.

    "What LDS General Authorities say about their wives. Absolutely adorable." This is seriously the best. All of them are my heroes! They are just so fantastic. Elder Scott's part-oh goodness, I cried. THIS ARTICLE IS SO PERFECT I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE IT. Just the best thing I have ever found on Pinterest. Thank you thank you thank you to the person who pinned this!

    What an incredible visual reminder to the real power and protection of scripture study. Idea: Print this out for each YW (if you have a small class). Put in an envelope. Seal it. Then, tell all the YW to open their envelope at the same time. Study what they see. (3 mins). Look for as many details as they can and then write what they think this picture is expressing and why. What detail of this picture affected them the most?

    Eve was given the identity of 'the mother of all living'. . . before she ever bore a child. It would appear that her motherhood preceded her maternity. . .We must not, at all costs, let that word divide us. -Sister Patricia Holland, Ensign, Oct. 1987, 33

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    A mother created this phenomenal Book of Mormon study guide for her 11-yr-old son, although it is amazing for any age.

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