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Come Inside For Cardio: 26 Treadmill Workouts For All Levels

by Michele Foley
While there's nothing quite like running outdoors, unruly weather sometimes makes it impossible. For those rainy or blustery days, there's the trusty treadmill. Whether you're a beginner runner or have a few marathons under your belt, we've got a running
  • Taryn Linhoff

    Treadmill Workouts. The 500-Calorie Workout is my favorite! Are you looking to shed the pounds and blast that fat? Running is an excellent exercise that zaps through fat leaving you toned, slender and super fit. By cutting out 500 calories a day and maintaining a calorie controlled, healthy diet, you should burn around 3500 calories a week, which equates to around one pound of weight. Per week! Sounds pretty simple right? Well, we’ve compiled a great training program so that you can burn 500 ...

  • Erin Miller

    7 Treadmill Workouts. I think I could handle the beginner work out :)

  • Shelby Moore

    7 treadmill workouts for all levels. Great for building up to those killer interval workouts I want to try!

  • Lacy Brunson

    500 Calorie Treadmill Interval workout 40 minutes, 5 times a week

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