Roomba is great, just got one for mom. Does a great job and we don't have to worry about it.

HDTV Invented by MUSE engineering of Japan, the HDTV was released in 1998 and made viewing television MUCH MUCH more crisp and clear

86. Hearing Aid

101. Duct Tape

20. Remote Control

22. VCR

17. Handheld GPS

14. Typewriter

100. Fiberglass Fishing Rod

97. Aerosol Spray Can

82. Flashlight

Kindle Invented by Amazon in 2007, this made reading a book on a screen possible, or rather, more mainstream.

Free clip art and copyright free images | iPad Art Room

Little girls in smocked dresses. Mollie Jane Taylor's bluebird design....

“The Mini Show” - “The Mini Show” is a 1:10 scale model of the Lodge gallery. - The New York Times

Ooh! La, La! Couture Sequin Tutu Dress (Little Girls & Big Girls) | Nordstrom

Jilly Bean, dress and sash. Adelaide Original. 6mo to 6yrs. $43.00, via Etsy.

too cute. For girls room.

Cute clothing for girls

Beautiful knitted jackets with ears for a little girl

Beach Marker DIY