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live your life #Do what you think is right & what makes you happy... Cause for others what you do is never Right!! SO DON'T GIVE A S***!!!

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Wise lady that Morticia Addams is!

Favorite quote of the day - "Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly" --Morticia Adams


I wash my hands of this weirdness Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean Movie with Johnny Depp 2012

Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.

Funny pictures about The truth about common sense. Oh, and cool pics about The truth about common sense. Also, The truth about common sense.

AHHH! Didn't know that! But now he's the captain, and "still alive" (ish) <3

As I watched Pirates of the Caribbean I kept track of the sword made by William Turner. What I found was interesting. I don't know how well this is known about, but I decided to get it out there in my own way. I was having feels.

Come on, does he look 50?

He must be doing something good...

Happy 50th Birthday Johnny Depp (don't worry I didn't either, he seems so ageless

Visiting Pasaquan - The Civilization Of The Future

My sweet Johnny was born a mere 4 years after me and in my home state.