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Foods for the Eyes, Vision, and Eye Health

"Foods for the Eyes" by Charlie Pulsipher - Eyesight is a precious gift that most of us take for granted every day. The process feels seamless, but is actually quite complex...

"Digging for Iron" by Charlie Pulsipher - Those seeking healthier plant-based options don’t need to reach for a supplement to get the iron they need.

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How Toxins Affect Fat and Limit Weight Loss

"Toxins and the War on Weight" by Charlie Pulsipher - Chemical toxins bombard us in this modern world from all sides. They’re in the water we drink and the food we eat. They’re in...

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Want Real Bang for Your Buck? Shop for Nutrition!

People say it’s expensive to eat healthy. But a grocery cart full of bad health is way more expensive long term. How to shop for nutrition and good health!

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The Philosophy of Detoxification

Feeling weighed down or slow to start? You might be in need of detoxification: that cleansing practice that breaks down the build up of life.

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Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, Try This

Whether you're curious about that to eat during pregnancy or want to make sure you get all the nutrition you and your baby need, Canada's Food Guide can help.

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Is Stevia Healthy?

Is #Stevia Healthy? Sweetener your life seems more complicated than ever with all the artificial and processed sweeteners available. Is stevia really the better choice?

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Why Women Should Utilize Resistance Training

While interest in the fitness industry grows at a rapid pace, there are still common beliefs that may have kept you away from the weights. Here's the truth: