I so want to do this with Just pictures and the empty frame i got at the flea market - KJ - use with old Christmas photos

Hanging string lights inside of a shadow box frame for a unique way to display your holiday cards! Try using Command(TM) Small Clear Hooks to hang the lights and Command(TM) Picture Hanging Strips to hang up the shadow box frame.

Making an incredibly easy Christmas Card holder

Making an incredibly easy Christmas Card holder Piece of pine wood. Painted (light grey), then hot glued clothes pins to hang pictures/cards/etc.

DIY Christmas Card Display

I wanted to display our Christmas cards in a festive way in our kitchen. Needed Materials: Wooden Chri.

Oh Captain, My Captain: displaying christmas cards.

Displaying Christmas cards, I do something similar around the doorway into our great room but my ribbon is not as cute. I just staple the cards to the ribbon. Must find cuter ribbon!

Christmas Card Display Ideas - Salvaged Shutter

10 Christmas Card Display Ideas

Pretty soon your mailboxes will be filled with holiday cards. Check out these creative ways to display your holiday cards.

Holiday Cards Display Ideas

Carolina Charm: Christmas Card Display

Nothing brings instant holiday cheer like reaching into your mailbox to find a pile of Christmas cards from family and friends.

40  Christmas Cookies - thecraftedsparrow.com

40 - Christmas Cookies

40 - Christmas Cookies includes homemade peppermint oreos, white choc peppermint, ginger, choco mounds w/ cottage cheese, raspberry whoopie .