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from the Guardian

Social care isn’t just about looking after an ageing population

A woman and her care worker do rhythm exercises.

from the Guardian

Valuing staff and providing security: social enterprises in social care

from the Guardian

Government inaction on social care funding needs a radical response

social care

from the Guardian

What one woman, two cats and a surprise bedfellow taught me about social work

A feisty woman called Elsie gave me a lesson in how to listen at the very start of my career

Children in care have experienced being let down by adults, and social workers often take the blame, says Jack Brookes

from the Guardian

A luxury care home for people with dementia – but at what price?

Chelsea Court Place, luxury dementia care home

Linda Briheim-Crookall outlines the key things that matter to young people in care and how social workers can support them

from the Guardian

What does it take to make digital technology work in children’s services?

A new app is helping young people communicate with their social care team.

from the Guardian

Lords defeat government over child protection proposals

Plan to deregulate council social workers is a bad idea that has not been properly evaluated, says Lord Ramsbotham

from the Guardian

One in four mothers of newborns placed in care have multiple children removed

Researchers alarmed at number of women who have child after child removed, and call for more help for these mothers