Medieval Trebuchet in Dover Castle Keep Yard, Kent, England, UK. Keith Ashley-Thomas (English Heritage tour guide) and siege engine in front of King's Gate (Inner Curtain Wall) in 2009. First Great Siege of Dover Castle was in 1216 when Prince Louis of France (later Louis VIII) sided in First Barons' War against King John. Catapult was used in 1217 when siege resumed. Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monument. Norman History, Travel and Tourism. See:

Canterbury Cathedral UK, dates back to 597AD

English Siege Tower - Siege Engine - Middle Ages

Masada siege engine.

Medieval Colton Gate or Tower, Harold Earthwork, Dover Castle, Kent, England. A Norman tower built on a Saxon or even earlier base.

Rare view of the Georgian Sergeant Major’s House, Dover Castle, Kent, England, UK. Garrison Battery Sergeant Major's House, then Custodian of the Castle, now English Heritage Holiday Cottage. Located on Knight's Road. Behind on the Western Outer Curtain Wall is Peverell's Gateway (Tower, or Gate), also a Holiday Cottage. Queen Mary's Tower near top-right. Listed Building, English Heritage, and Scheduled Ancient Monument. History. Travel and Tourism. See:

Clock Tower, Prince of Wales Pier, Dover Marina, Western Docks, Kent, UK

The King’s Gate, Inner Curtain Wall, Dover Castle, Kent, England, UK. Northern entrance into the Inner Bailey, or Keep Yard, with the base of the Keep ("Great Tower") visible through the gateway arch. Vaulted passage with drawbridge and portcullis and flanked by 2 of the inner wall's 14 towers. Photo taken from the King's Gate Barbican. Norman Listed Building, English Heritage, and Scheduled Ancient Monument. Medieval History, Travel, and Tourism. See:

A model of siege engine

Prince Henry, (later King Henry VIII)

Albert, Prince of Wales, Later King Edward VII

King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor

Margaret of Anjou (1430 –1482) - wife of King Henry VI of England daughter of René I of Naples Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine. She claimed to be Queen consort of France (1445-1453). She was a main figure in the Wars of the Roses at times personally led the Lancastrians. Due to the King's insanity, Margaret ruled the kingdom. She provided the spark that ignited the Wars of the Roses, decimated the old nobility of England, including her son Edward, Prince of Wales, at the Battle of Tewkesbur...

1860s, Bertie, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII & his wife Princess Alexandra of Wales née Denmark & their eldest child Prince Albert Victor.

Owain Gwynedd, aka Owain Fawr (Owain the Great) born c 1100 Gwynedd - died 23 or 28/11/1170, son of Gruffudd ap Cynan. Owain was King of Gwynedd and the first to be styled Prince of Wales. Owain led his forces with great success winning a major victory over the Normans at Crug Mawr in 1136. Owain took advantage of the Anarchy (English civil war 1139-54) between King Stephen and Empress Matilda to push the boundaries of Gwynedd further east than ever before. In 1157 king Henry II of England i...

( - ) King Richard III as commemorated in stained glass in the windows of the Rochdale Town Hall.

Town Hall and Prince Albert Pub from Priory Road, Dover, Kent, England, UK. Below the clock on the Town Hall is an inverted v-shaped structure beneath which is First World War "Zeebrugge Bell" (memorial). Prince Albert public house named after Queen Victoria's husband. On the right is the forecourt to the medieval St Edmund's Chapel. Nearby: Biggin Street, Norman Street, Dover Sea Angling Social Club. Urban Dover History, Travel, and Tourism photo. See:

The Gate House of Victoria Park, Castle Hill Road, Dover, Kent, UK. The gatehouse is situated on the west side of Victoria Park at the junction with Castle Hill Road. The terrace of large houses, on the east side only, was built in 1864 and named after Queen Victoria. Senior Dover Castle Garrison Army Officers used to rent homes there. Listed Building. Architecture and British Army History. More information at

Prince George, Duke of Kent, the fourth son of King George V and Queen Mary. (1902-1942). He was killed in an airplane crash in Scotland while on active duty with the Royal Air Force. He is the father of Princes Edward and Michael, and Princess Alexandra.

On this day 17th August, 1483, The day presumed that the two young princes, the uncrowned Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York, were killed in the Tower of London (The Two Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower, 1483 by John Everett Millais, 1878 - Tower of London)