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Landforms of the earth... cartoon video lesson for kids.

FREE Economics Video~ In this puppet theater video, Herschel's World of Economics: Goods and Services. Herschel learns from Dr. Dave that it takes work to produce the goods and services that satisfy people's economic wants. This is a great way to introduce economics to the elementary classroom. (9:01)

This suitcase craft and writing activity inspired by the Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You'll Go! was a big hit with my kids! Here's how to make your own.

A unit for grade 4 social studies on exploration. Kids blog as explorers the unit is built around Passageways and Pathfinders student site. I found video I wanted them to use and the results were grade. This was last year. This year I am using it again. Not sure if we will blog and or make ebola diaries.

Mapping the explorer's routes....coordinate gridding and social studies!

Booklet from parliament of Canada ... For Social Studies!

FREE printable map skills book

science anchor chart about ways landforms change

Here's a terrific idea for creating "flow-chart notes" for a social studies notebook. Includes many different examples.

7 Continents of the world - Geography videos for Kids

As an extension of their "50 States" unit students each designed their own postage stamp to go along with their state.

Notebook 5 Themes of Geography

Printable passport for geography studies

You can have students (randomly) pick a state and make a brochure about it. This kind of assignment can be adapted for various continents and countries too.

Pizza Box Biography Reports... this is awesome! I LOVE it!!!

Accordion-fold a strip of paper, and glue the first and last pages to the inside of a box's lid and bottom- cute idea Record facts about a specific physical region.

I used to make these as a kid.

Canadian Regions & Areas - click on region to learn more about it

8 Landform Regions of Canada - YouTube

Information on all 7 of the Canadian Regions

Overview of the physical regions of Canada


Bookmaking Projects for Mar Joc Who Am I? Book for Women's History Month Bookmaking Projects