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"Correct Gently" - the seller/buyer… Because we all have faults and weaknesses, we should bear with one another and forgive each other when things go wrong (Col. 3:13). We need to be constructive in our criticism and "clothe [our]selves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience". When correction is necessary, it should be done with kindness and love. In that way we become imitators of our Lord Jesus Christ. (taken from our daily bread, May 1, 2015) Meet the posher Other

Thank you for a fantastic Style Obsessions party

Thank you for a fantastic Style Obsessions party! Thank you for all your support for this party. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I wish I could have given everyone a host pick. 100 picks just aren't enough to highlight all your gorgeous closets! PARTY! Other

Great party! 💖

Great party! Wow! Thank you so much to all my PFF's for making this party perfect! I couldn't ask for a better group of ladies to help & encourage me through my first party! It was so difficult to narrow down host picks to the limited number... I found thousands of beautiful items and wish I could have picked them all! Thanks again and I can't wait to return all the support and sharing you've shown me! Other

✨thank you so much for partying with me✨👍🏼❤️😘

✨7/24✨Listing almost full✨Like & Share 2nd Listing Hooray!! I'm super excited to CO HOSTmy 2nd Posh Party on Sunday 7/24 at 7:00 PM PST✨ Theme TBD✨ Please nominate any and all fabulous PC closets ✨Can't wait to Party with youuu Other

Posh Party!!! - Jet-Set Style Hi all. Please come celebrate with me tonight as I host my first Posh Party! I couldn't be more excited! I am looking for host picks, so please reach out to me if you have an item you would like me to consider. Posh compliant closets only please! -Alyssa Other

Who am I? Hello! My name is Izabella buy everyone calls me Bella. I'm 14 years old and had aspirations to start a business since I was 12. Though I am young, I find confidence in 1 Timothy 4:12. I truly can say this is one of my favorite bible verses me one I try my best to live by. I'm a dreamer and I'm tired of living in the philosophy that I have to wait until I'm older to make my dreams come true. Thank YOU for reading this! - Bella ❤️ Meet the Posher Other

Meet your Posher, Lori Hi all I'm Lori ~ Thanks for stopping by. I recently discovered POSH and I'm addicted!!! Guess there could be worse vices!! Lol. Everything I'm selling is in excellent, if not new condition and will be shipped with love ♡ If you have any questions about my listings, or need aditional photos, please feel free to ask. Happy Poshing!! Meet the Posher Other

Huge Thanks

Huge Thanks! Join me along with my fabulous co-hosts - kaybarlatier, iamstephcee, beautifulbutton, and kristen10184 - for our Style Crush Party. Thank you for all of the amazing closet suggestions. I've had a blast looking through some amazing listings! I'm still looking for host picks :) Other

7 for all mankind, Paige, DL1961, and MORE Open to offers❤️❤️ Jeans