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Travelodge Manchester Piccadilly Hotel (England) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor @ajdoccarlson xxx

Madisyn Carlson hope you will be happy at your new school have a good day x

Nibblings @ajdoccarlson xxx

come here i wanna big kiss!!! @ajdoccarlson xxx

@ajdoccarlson i have!!

For 150 years the Pit Bull has been know as the "Nanny Dog". Rich and Poor families had Pit Bulls to protect their Children. Pit Bulls now get a bad reputation, when in fact they are the absolute best family dogs.

AWW HOW ADORABLE! @ajdoccarlson

Cute Animals! @ajdoccarlson aww we want these dont we xxx


SPOT ON LOL @ajdoccarlson xxx

We are really going to get a beautiful pair just like these baby's!!

Lol!@ajdoccarlson who will this be like xxx


animals with their peeps!.

blue staffys full pedigree with papers Blackool Picture 7

1940 From National Geographic: Mrs. E. Kenneth Hoyt, of Havana, Cuba, acquired the gorilla in 1932 when he was three months old. Mr. Hoyt had just shot Toto’s father in the French Congo. African villagers, without the knowledge of the Hoyts, then killed the mother. Mrs. Hoyt, unwilling to see the baby die, procured an African nurse for the gorilla and he thrived on human milk.

ah sweet!

boxing, the bigger they are the harder they fall!

Mummys got me!

Hey ya cant knock a bro for trying

Awwwwww :) so sweet!

Giraffe love

looks like s.a.d is not just confined to humans, i suffer myself in a mild form!

.ah how sweet!

lab puppies