The Examiner by Katherine Kotaw: "Electronic cigarettes in the workplace: Could they boost productivity?"

Long eyelashes Girl Golden age Vintage Summer Make up Hair Beauty Art Fashion Beach Waves Sunset Hipster Old fashion // Graphic Design


Cat Girl by Laine Fraser - Designer and Illustrator images collage photography

Fuck Yeah, Book Arts! (Beautifully altered magazine covers by Brazilian...)

Fun idea for an art journal project! How fun are these fashion magazine covers so brilliantly electrified by Brazilian interior designer Ana Strumpf?

I like triangles jajajajajajaja

Splitting up graphics using triangles can make it look more broken-up and not giving the feeling of a flow, this graphic definitely does. I like this graphic for its theme, color palette, and organization.

this would make an awesome (but time consuming) division page if were still doing the whole geometric thing

instead of collage Layout and Design - link takes you to a The triangle thing is pretty cool, though and creates a patchwork/geometric look that might be fun.

smoke signals

We LOVE this picture. Possibly change the triangle to a gretch with clouds of smoke and stars coming around it. Also like the background behind design banner


Image Based Design- The artist focused in on the eye and emphasizes that by causing a ripple effect in the center of the picture. Mapping 2013 – editorial design layout with circles


a match made in heaven. "If I Could I Would Give You the Entire Universe" x 11 print - I like the idea of creating one as a photo collage