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Ya'll are sinners! Ya'll need Jisoos!!!

Holy Jisoo y have u betrayed Svt? when you thought you could trust your american friend to tell you if your shirt was embarassing

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probably my most favourite picture of zelo

Kangin Super Junior And Baekho NU’EST

Are Super Junior's Kangin and NU'EST's Baekho brothers from another mother?Comparison photos of Kangin and Baekho uploaded online under t…

Actually my reactions is more like: Fuck it! We're going on a road trip, get in the car and lets go!

Actually my reaction is more like: Screw it! We're going on a road trip, get in the car and lets go!

The biggest KPOP fashion store in the world @ kpopcity.net Yes, come to the KPop side ... if you are comfortable with those flawless men and women to ruin you.

I came to the K-Pop side because of the music, but hey, there is DEFINITELY no problem with having flawless men, too.) (And it is very true that the K-Pop side has flawless men)

OH MY GOSH yessss!! Lol LeoxD.O #Taekwondo

Especially considering the fact that D. will play a killer in an upcoming film!

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Fans can relate XD the last one is the same as with anime/manga fans. I want to go to Korea AND Japan.

I hate when people call them gay even tho these men have abs and talent

Lol anyone can look like a girl, it's just that some of these guys do better than actual girls.