My kids call it 'yelling' when I raise my voice. I call it motivational speaking for the selective listener.

Haha! So true!

So true! Lol!

This is funny

Pinner wrote: My aunt was razzing me about having pictures of my kid as my profile picture on facebook, then she said it was really common for new moms to lose themselves in their kid. I didnt lose myself - hes pretty much the only person I know, and hes way cuter than me. So why not?

Haha! That's funny!

But its a good crazy...

From MindOverMotherhood's facebook page: "Let me explain this again, my dear children: my bathroom is NOT the Visitor's Welcome Center. Get. Out."

Thought bubbles..hahaha!!! Too funny!

@Beth Goodrich - you know it!

this is my favorite one yet



so true!, but seriously

I know - right?

Funny Ecards

You think I'm kidding...

Funny Ecards


This shouldn't be under my funny board but I'm putting it there anyway because it's becoming very possible