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10 Foods To Avoid When Living With Chronic Pain

10 Foods To Avoid When Living With Chronic Pain from Arthritis: Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Caffine Nightshade veggies (tomatoes, potatoes..) Yeast & Gluten Dairy Carbs Food Additives Alcohol & tobacco Vegetable Oils & Fast Foods

Do you stuff a pillow between your knees at night to help alleviate back pain or leg cramps? You have the right idea, but more effective is a Memory Foam Leg Spacer (aka "a better pillow to stuff between your knees"). Its ergonomic support properly aligns your hip and spine, relieving pressure on your hips and knees. Check it out!

from Skinny Ms.

3-Step Weight Loss Program

You gotta do this for you! This 3-Step Weight Loss Program provides the simple tools you need to lose weight and stay healthy for a lifetime! #fitness #cleaneating

The Comfort-U Body Pillow $99.95 designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with firbromylagia. Great for relief from: maternity discomforts, fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis pain, back, neck and shoulder pain, restless sleep and for general pampering!

This lift chair is designed for those who have difficulty standing up from a seated position. Movements are controlled electronically so that motions are smooth and safe.