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    Peter Carey's The Chemistry of Tears

    • Pinal County Library District

      The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey -- London, 2010. Grieving the loss of her lover, Swinburne museum curator Catherine Gehrig is given a special project--bring back to life an automaton whose original owner, 19th century Englishman Henry Brandling, was also confronted with the mystery of life and death.

    • Akron-Summit County Public Library

      In The Chemistry of Tears, an automaton (the Vaucanson Duck), a man and a woman who can never meet, two stories of love—all are brought to incandescent life in this hauntingly moving novel by Peter Carey, twice winner of the Mann Booker Prize.

    • Farmingdale Library

      The chemistry of tears by Peter Carey. Forced to hide her grief when her married lover dies unexpectedly, museum curator Catherine Gehrig works in solitude to restore a 19th-century automaton and finds comfort in the journals of its adventurous commissioner.

    • Justin Lynes

      The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey | "Critically acclaimed fiction about grief, anguish, and love."

    • Sara Louise

      The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey: Chapter 1 Catherine Dead, and no one told me. I walked past his office and his assistant was bawling. “What is it Felicia?” “Oh haven’t you heard? Mr. Tindall’s dead.” What I heard was: “Mr. Tindall hurt his head.” I thought, for God’s sake, pull...

    • Samuels Public Library

      The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey: When Catherine Gehrig's married lover dies suddenly she is griefstricken. To help distract her from her pain, she is given a project at work which requires her to research and put together a nineteenth century mechanical automaton originally built in Germany. Catherine gets more and more involved in the past as she learns about the Englishman, Henry Brandling, who commissioned the magical automaton for his consumptive son.

    • Megan Kissane

      The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey. "Two anguished people separated by almost 200 years find consolation in a marvelous invention: an eerily lifelike and beautiful mechanical swan. Alternating between the notebooks of the swan's original owner and the thoughts of a grief-stricken conservator who's reconstructing it in a London museum, this beguiling novel is a clever meditation on science, love and life's unpredictability, but in its cruelty, magic and tenderness, it reads like a fairy tale"

    • Liz Soares

      The Chemistry of Tears Putting this on my TBR list...

    • Courtney Doyle

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