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Your scale can't tell you if it's fat weight or muscle weight - use a tape measure or how your clothes fit to be sure! #Fatloss #BuildMuscle

Your Ideal Weight Isn't What You Think It Is! Most world-class bodybuilders (usually less than 8 percent body-fat) would be categorized as obese by the original weight tables. Throw away your scales!!

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50 Incredible Skinny To Fit Female Muscle Gain Transformations!

Weight Loss & Gaining Muscle Program Love the graphic shows 'skinny fat' and healthier, sexy, fit version who weighs more. Not about the number on the scale!

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5 Yoga Poses That Will Slim You Down

Yoga for weight loss

Do you have faith to believe it's possible? I do and I can help you! Join my small, successful, online weight-loss accountability group! "Friend" me on Facebook via the photo link, or comment below -- I'll send you info on how to join. My members are committed and are believing it's possible!

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Skinny is not Sexy...

STRONG is sexy :) #strength

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More Muscles Linked to Longer Life, Research Suggests

Still not hitting the weights??? Live longer - Lift!!!

This is proof that scales are useless at measuring progress that one’s made in their fitness journeys. Although I’m only 3 pounds lighter, much of the fat on my body has been replaced with lean muscle mass. In 2012, I went from 120 lbs to 92 lbs. There wasn’t much to my body back then ... (continue)