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Melbourne Writers Festival Wi-Fiction

Melbourne Writers Festival Wi-Fiction - The Inspiration Room

HALF OF HBO FOR FREE   Direct Lions   Winners & Shortlists   Cannes Lion...

Half of HBO for free - Ogilvy, Guatemala, Guatemala

Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix 2012 - Sweden - Curators of Sweden

Volontaire Stockholm - Swedish Institute - Curators of Sweden - Cyber Grand Prix

Solar Annual report-Powered by the sun..won Cannes Design Grand Prix &

Solar-Powered Annual Report Honored With Design Grand Prix

#CannesLions 2012 Gold Outdoor: LEGO BUILDERS OF SOUND

Cannes Lion 12 - Gold Direct - Lego "Builder of sound" Lego pieces placed on an barel in a way that turning the barel the pieces enter in contact with a mechanic piano and play the star wars song

Cyber Grand Prix: Nike+ Fuelband // Nike+, R/GA New York, USA

Cyber Lions Grand Prix / Other interactive digital solutions - other digital channels "Nike+ Fuelband" [R/GA New York, USA]


An Interactive Dancing Pedestrian Signal by Smart. makes people more likely to wait for the red light


The flexible seating set-up in the Vito and Viano - Mercedes-Benz

Lacta Mobile App - English

Lacta chocolate is a big Greek chocolate brand and one of Greece's favourite. In order to be able to capture the love of its mobile audience, they created this awesome augmented reality based ios app.

Mobile Gold - Toyota: Backseat Driver -  Japanese app to let kids enjoy driving from the backseat - GPS enabled experience recreates real drive in kid-friendly game. 100k+ downloads.

Mobile Gold - Toyota: Backseat Driver - Japanese app to let kids enjoy driving…

Student flights - accent

Student flights - accent