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11 items, 2 weeks of clothing. travel light.change the shoes and the colours a little and i'm done!

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Travel Light

Adventure Chic - a blog full of travel tips and ideas for looking fabulous on the fly | Packing Guide for Cool Weather

Wardrobe Staples

11 days 11 outfits how to pack a suitcase on Domestic Mamma

How To Shop For Petite Clothes. FYI, petite in fashion and clothing is 5'3 and under.

*The best carry on advise... so far.* Carry On Packing | Back to Her Roots

Need a pair of faux leather leggings like these! Found these for only $38!

packing light

Body Shape Style Guide | eHow OMG, I never knew I was boyish. I've never fit into any of the common body shapes (curvy/hourglass, apple, pear, triangles, etc.). But no one ever mentions boyish (in between rectangle/straight and hourglass from what I can tell).

Comfy travel outfit

Basics every girl needs in her closet. #maurices

simple wardrobe.

Getaway Guide: What to Pack for Summer Vacation courtesy of Dillard's

one suitcase: business casual - checklist graphic. love this even just as a wardrobe building tool

work wardrobe

46 Life-Changing Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

fur vest,jeans. sweater and jeans. mountain comfort. cozy chic. colorado street style.

travel packing tips to help you pack light without sacrificing comfort and style