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Data is a Soong-type android in the 24th century who served as second officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Enterprise-E and eventually captained the latter vessel. Data was constructed by Doctor Noonien Soong and, like the majority of Dr. Soong's works, was modeled after Soong's own liken...

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I admit, I'm not too big on Trek, but Data was a fascinating character that grew into his humanity as The Next Generation series and movies went on. He's also good with cats and trolls the Borg hard in First Contact.

I totally have a crush on Data.

Wow! I think I actually know which episode this is from, who he's about to talk to, and why. Season 1, episode 2 "The Naked Now", Tasha Yar, "It never happened" says she. If that's not the scene, I'm extremely surprised!

Proof that Data is smarter than Picard!!!

Data Trains Spot, his cat. Gotta love Data! -- Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Perhaps I should turn off my emotion chip?" No you shouldn't Mr. DATA!!! You make us all cry and swoon with your cyberneticly empathic emotions. Hooray biorobotics!

Brent Spiner - Data in Star Trek: TNG

Nai'zyy Brent Spiner - Star Trek: Next Generation as Lt. Commander Data

Data Star Trek | konnte dem Schauspieler Brent Spiner (Data, Star Trek: The ...

Brent Spiner as Nigel Fenway in the CBS series, "Threshold."

Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Picard & Data in Dixon Hill