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Tayuu (highest class of courtesan) - date unkown, Japan. S)

Tayuu (highest class of courtesan) - date unkown, Japan. S) -- wondr how long it takes 4 her to even get out the door!

Art-Monie: Geisha Moments "l'automne"

An exquisite photo of a young geisha looking out at the river, probably from the Nice Japanese Maple leaves motif on her kimono and obi.

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Samurai Suit of Armor, Suit of Japanese Samurai Armor for Sale, Great Edo Genuine Antique Samurai Suit of Armor

Les archives de National Geographic renferment des trésors !

A girl poses in her Kimono in Kyoto, June 1927 - Photograph by Franklin Price Knott, National Geographic

Maiko MakeUp  Maiko {my=Koh} is a young lady in training to be Geisha {an artist or muse- not prostitute}

The art of being a geisha partially lies in the meticulous application of her make-up. Let’s discover its history and characteristics…

Maiko dressed with Kanzashi (Japanese hair accessory): photo b NAEYES

First-year maiko-san, with dangling kanzashi cascade and only her lower lip painted - February kanzashi

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A Hangyoku (Young Geisha) holding a Kumade or "Lucky Charm Rake"

oiran | Description Oiran ca. 1920s.jpg

- Oiran (花魁) were courtesans in Japan. The Oiran were the highest class of courtesan or yūjo (遊女) "woman of pleasure" in the Yoshiwara pleasure quarters in Edo.