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  • Monika Freidel

    Fritz the Cat - (1972) Writer and director Ralph Bakshi, a underground comics character was the inspiration for the first X-rated animated feature in Hollywood history, over the strenuous objections of its creator, cartoonist Robert Crumb. Fritz is a feline college student of New York City in the '60s, using hippie buzzwords and fashion to score easy sex and drugs. After smoking some strong marijuana in Harlem, Fritz hallucinates and ignites a shooting incident with the police.......

  • Greg Kirch

    Fritz the Cat Poster ,r.crumb

  • Movusetainment! Movies!! Art!! Music!

    NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN! PARENTAL CAUTION!Fritz the Cat is a comic strip created by Robert Crumb. Set in a "supercity" of anthropomorphic animals, the strip focuses on Fritz, a feline con artist who frequently goes on wild adventures that sometimes involve sexual escapades. watch Fritz the Cat (1972) online

  • Felicia Cooper

    Fritz the Cat - 70's adult cartoon

  • Rachel Hulshult

    Fritz the Cat (1972) - for animated film class, not by choice. Just, ugh.

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