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Yoga poses for everyone.

Yoga Poses Print.

Yoga tree of life

These would make awesome tattoos

This is my 4th tattoo. It is the Tree of Life with the Warrior Pose and a hummingbird, which is a symbol of "hope" and "new beginnings" along with the word Namaste which means "we are one". This is all in memory of my husband David who has been gone 4 yrs and this is my 4th tattoo.

would make cute little tattoos

Women's Tattify 'Bird Is the Word' Temporary Tattoos

Cool idea.

Yoga tree pose design - would make a beautiful tattoo! I'd add the Hebrew words "this too shall pass".

Yoga Lotus Drawing Original Tattoo. $12.00, via Etsy.

Celtic symbol for strength. I've been through a lot and I want my future tattoo(s) to have meanings.

namaste - frame & put in yoga space

These fun temporary tattoos that include inspirational reminders will be perfect for festival season!

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