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    Tattoo upon completion of training??

    More amazing yoga pictures ❤❤❤ Yoga Inspiration

    5 Ways to Improve Your Yoga Pose. In doing yoga, I can tell that I have terrible balance and I tend to become unstable in the pose after a while. So this pin is helpful for me because I can follow these tips to improve my balance and the pose in general.

    Original Watercolor Large Meditation Yoga Pose by MyHappyHeartArt

    Yoga Chantal suffers from chronic migraines. This design symbolizes yoga, which she practices and teaches, and it´s a wish for her to reach the roots of her pain (here represented by the flames among the roots of the tree) and through yoga to overcome this problem blooming again as a tree, strong, prosperous, bringing her fruits to the world.

    Yoga poses for each of the chakras


    This is my 4th tattoo. It is the Tree of Life with the Warrior Pose and a hummingbird, which is a symbol of "hope" and "new beginnings" along with the word Namaste which means "we are one". This is all in memory of my husband David who has been gone 4 yrs and this is my 4th tattoo.

    Nice really simple

    namaste - frame & put in yoga space

    Yoga tree pose design - would make a beautiful tattoo! I'd add "namaste".

    This is wicked how they incorporated the yoga pose into the tree.

    Yoga Lotus Drawing Original Tattoo. $12.00. Jolien D Holistic and Natural Healing I am so getting this tattoo :-)

    "Breathe" (Tashi Mannox) repinned by

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    Yoga Poses Around the World: "On the right track"

    Bridge pose

    Spider pose

    Yoga pose forest

    Camel Yoga Pose (Ustrasana)