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Fresh & healthy avocado club sandwiches, inspired by the bounty of late spring farmer's market, are perfect for an impromptu afternoon picnic on the front porch or back yard swing. Wrap these easy-to-assemble sandwiches in wax paper, pile into a basket with tall glasses of lemonade served in old fashioned mason jars and enjoy the day.


25 Rad Housewarming Gifts | To Buy or DIY


Cheese and wine ~ little bit of heaven

Picnic in a Basket


Homemade Housewarming or Hostess Gift in a basket

Gourmet Gift Ideas and DIY Food Baskets: For elegant presentation, line a vintage basket with decorative packing material then fill it with a slate cheese board, artisanal cheeses, chutney, almonds, gourmet crackers and spreading knives.

baker's twine and fresh flowers.

Engagement Gift for the bride-to-be: A bottle of champagne wrapped up in wedding magazines.

Spaghetti dinner housewarming using the colander as a basket!

Gift Idea With A Tag That Says "Just Add Ice Cream." Really cute.

Have done this for my brother in laws the last few years. Now Travis wants one Maybe a fishing one...?

Birthday Shot Basket

Best housewarming gift. Ever.