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the one who never sees the truth that i could take away your hurt heartbreak band 😍

I am listening to this song right now, guys. Currently crying my eyes out until I have no tears left.

5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings Luke Hemmings Calum Hood Wherever You Are Lyrics <<< one of my favorites

qoтd: ғιve ѕaυce ιѕ an oвѕeѕѕιon rιgнт now ѕo ιғ yoυ нad тo cнooѕe one вoy wнo woυld ιт вe? aoтd: ι'м нoneѕтly aт тнe poιnт wнere ι'м ғangιrlιng aт anyone wнo popѕ on мy daѕн... ι ĸnow ι wenт oғғ тнe deep end... вυт ι нave вeen ѕнιpped wιтн aѕнтon вy ғrιendѕ oғ мιne ѕo aѕнтon ι gυeѕѕ... ❓ ιғ yoυ нad тo cнooѕe one вoy wнo woυld ιт вe? ❓

I absolutely love this song this reminds me of the tough times in my life I with that I could I wake up with Amnesia and forget the stupid little things.

5 seconds of summer heartbreak girl... Obsessed with this song!!! One of my new favorites!!!

5 seconds of summer heartbreak girl. Obsessed with this song! One of my new favorites! <<<<<I love this song but it reminds me so much of this guy I used to have a crush on

It's been two years now havent even seen the best of me

It's been two years now, you haven't even seen the best of me! It's almost over, so let's start over.

Them and their cereal

I eat cereal every frickin night! I really do! Its always time for cereal who said it was a breakfast food?

Wherever You Are~5 Seconds of Summer

Day 1 - Wherever You Are - 5 Seconds of Summer - Okay so I haven't had a really first love yet, but this band means so much to me so they're like a first love and this song is so sweet and special ❤️