Solar Charger on Cool Mom Picks

Portable Humidifier Cap // turns any bottle of water into a personal air humidifier! Clever!

30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

Solar Powered Window Socket

An instant smartphone printer for all of your polaroid-worthy snaps.

Cute and functional case!

Snail tea bag holders. I LOVE THESE!!!!

Voltaic: Charge Devices On The Go With This Portable Solar Charger -The versatile Voltaic solar charger is really compact and travel friendly. It’s also waterproof, lightweight and designed for a bit of action.

window solar charger for iphone

Laundry POD // Cleans clothes in less than 10 mins with a simple manual washing, spinning, and draining system! Easy-to-use, eco-friendly, portable, washer designed to do small loads of laundry using no electricity and a minimal amount of water. Genius! Perfect for delicates or dorm living!

DIY Jewelry Holder! See source for instructions. (Note: The blog is in Spanish.)

Waterproof case for your iPhone lets you take photos underwater.

#QualityFirst #HomeImprovement ~ Collects the sun by day, and illuminates your world by night!

Pivot Power Mini - fold up compact adaptor with two grounded outlets and two USB ports - awesome invention! #product_design

solar still to get drinking water

Solar-powered water distiller, meant to provide 5 liters of drinkable water every day. Brilliant.

Buoy Tags There might not be a way to limit the number of chargers in your household, but there is a way to make them easy to identify. Snap these sleek labels, which come with letter inserts, on cables and cords to eliminate I-think-that's-my-charger confusion.

Tension rod with ribbon and Christmas bulbs. I like it! Maybe with snowflakes?

Clé USB keys

Keep loose chargers and cables organized with a glasses case - 32 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever