Finding a best friend like I have is rare with most females in the generations. I was lucky enough to find a true friend who's stuck by my side for almost ten years. That is a true friend.

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I love this quote, but I just hate the pictures behind these kinds of quotes. Not every single girl looks like those girls, and its annoying when girly quotes like those have perfect girls in the background...its almost like only pretty, skinny girls are allowed to have those kind of experiences.



We all need a bestie

This is how I feel about anyone who dates my best friends! Ha! True, though. 30+ Cute Best Friend Quotes

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Best Friends

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Of course my best friend is a blonde I am a brunette we love each other we r like sisters like two lead in a pod we help each other through life and all the hard times we barley fight but, when we do it just brings us closer together I love u forever and always

20 Quotes That Show What Friendship Truly Means - Thanks for everything :)

And if those friends that did leave want to come back, don't let them. Because chances are, they will just leave again

this is so accurate. I spent the day with my best friend and we had to do a Chemistry project to teach something to second we chose Despicable Me minions as the theme :) I should soooo post pictures of the board so far! ✌️

So true.

An awesome quote for your very best friend! my best friend....

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