Butterbeer! must.make.this.

The butterbeer I've been searching for!


Cold Butterbeer

Harry Potter Butterbeer recipe. Can't wait to try this! If it is anything like the ones you buy at Universal, it is delicious!

This website has a full menu of Harry Potter-themed snacks, and links to other websites with even more recipes.

Butterbeer recipe

Harry Potter's Butterbeer... great for a Harry Potter party!


Harry Potter I solemnly Swear that i am up to no good - Ladies Long Sleeve Slouchy Pullover good, i love that image.

add rum. Butter Beer - from the Harry Potter books. I don't think this is the recipe they used, but it was yummy. +alt version from the comments: harp + buttercup schnapps


Butterbeer Cupcakes.

butterbeer cupcakes!!! :D

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Amazing butterscotch cupcakes... okay, technically they're butterBEER cupcakes for you HP nuts out there. Either way, they sound delicious.

Harry Potter cocktails!

Butterbeer cookies

Butterbeer and wizard for the day ideas!

Butterbeer recipe.