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I am the kraken of the sea!

favorite part of the movie.

Duck Dynasty - Love these guys!

This Is Why Everyone Should Watch Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty "Well, we'll just live off love"- "Not really, you'll starve to death.

scott disick...omg

13 Reasons 'Lord Disick' Is A Lord

Lord Disick, AKA Scott Disick of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' fame is on his way to Ireland. His shaky relationship with Kardashian sister Kourtney has been well.

Scott Disick. Hahaha, he's great, I don't care what anyone says.

scott disick, the only reason I watch keeping up with the kardashians

OMG Napoleon Dynomite. I hated that movie it was so boring!

Who I am around guys I dont like (Joan Harris Holloway from Mad Men). Who I am around guys I like (Deb from Napoleon Dynamite). Check out the website to see

25 Funny Ellen Quotes - if she doesn't get you laughing, then you are dead inside.

17 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Would Be The Best Friend Ever

Ellen: "Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?" Sofia Vergara: "The girl with the bigger boobs.

Ron and His Rat

Ron and His Rat

Funny pictures about Ron and his rat. Oh, and cool pics about Ron and his rat. Also, Ron and his rat photos.

Rules to New Girl's True American. BEST THING I'VE EVER PINNED. I finally found it!

Presenting the Rules to New Girl's "True American" Game--Plus One of the Best Things Schmidt Has Ever Said

New Girl: Rules to True American. now we can all play True American drinking game from New Girl Enmark Hale Baxter

I died. Just now. This is too great. Oh wait I can't talk I'm dead.

zach galafianakis on snl hahahahaha that's not very raven. I love him

it was cinderella. i know this because i walked around the house with a broom and an apron with a ribbon tied around my head singing so this is love. and then the ribbon would fall out. guess i'm not a disney princess.

Cinderella or Belle or somebody ties their hair with a ribbon! Have you ever tried to tie your hair with a ribbon? Yeah, good fucking luck with that. -Jenna Marbles:) lol oh jenna

58 Weird Things That UC Davis Students Know To Be True | The Odyssey

58 Weird Things That UC Davis Students Know To Be True

The Skeptics Club getting in huge debates with students.