Harriet Tubman (1820?-1913) - Underground Railroad conductor, Army scout, African-American suffragette.

Harriet Tubman, heroine of the Underground Railroad

WARRIORS: Armenian women, 1895. (To the right, Eghisapet Sultanian, great grandmother of musician Derek Sherinian during the 1895 Hamidian massacres, when the Armenians of Zeitun (modern Süleymanlı), fearing the prospect of massacre, took up arms to defend themselves from Ottoman troops.)

Lucy Burns was jailed in 1917 because she asked for the right to vote. ☚

Bessie Coleman, (born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas. Died April 30, 1926) the first African American woman to earn a pilot's license.

Nancy Wake most decorated servicewoman of WWII, and the Gestapo’s most-wanted person. They code-named her 'The White Mouse' because of her ability to elude capture. When war broke out she was a young woman married to a wealthy Frenchman living a life of luxury in cosmopolitan Marseilles. She became a saboteur, organiser and Resistance fighter who led an army of 7,000 Maquis troops in guerrilla warfare to sabotage the Nazis. Legend. Absolutely love this story. She has a great sense of humour

100 years before Rosa Parks there was Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825-1911). She was an abolitionist, poet and author. Born free in Baltimore, she had a prolific career, publishing her first book of poetry at age 20 and her first novel, the widely praised Iola Leroy, at age 67. In 1850, she became the first woman to teach sewing at the Union Seminary. In 1851, she helped blacks along the Underground Railroad on their way to Canada, running from the Democrats’ Fugitive Slave Law of 1850.

"If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going." -- Harriet Tubman

Ruby Bridges - an American hero

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This is thought to be the only known photo of an African-American Union soldier with his family.

Harriet Tubman

Claudette Colvin. Nine months before Rosa Parks’ famous bus boycott, Colvin at 15 refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. She was inspired to stand up for her rights after learning about African American leaders in school. Civil rights leaders didn't publicize her story because she became an unwed mother.

The woman’s barrack at Auschwitz as it was seen immediately upon liberation by the Soviets, 27 Jan 1945

Harriet Tubman marries John Tubman. In 1844 at the age of 25, she married John Tubman, a free African American who did not share her dream.Since she was a slave, she knew there could be a chance that she could be sold and her marriage would be split apart. Harriet dreamed of traveling north. There, she would be free and would not have to worry about having her marriage split up by the slave trade. She said she would go by herself. He told her that if she ran off, he would tell her master.

Harriet Tubman

The first black politicians elected to office were Republican. Democrats created the KKK to stop them. Bet ya never learned that in school.

Robert E. Lee, around age 38, and his son William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, around age 8, c.1845

A German girl is overcome as she is forced to walk through and around the exhumed bodies of some 800 slave workers that the SS guards near Namering, Germany murdered. The US Army who liberated the camp laid them out so that the townspeople, who feverishly denied knowledge of the camp, could view the work of their Nazi leaders.

This is Private Joe Demler of the US Army, he was a guest of the Third Reich for barely 3 months before being liberated in April 1945. Dressed in his pajamas with his sleeves and pant legs rolled up he was photographed looking more like a skeleton wearing skin than a human being.